Often cable laying of high voltage cables is a neglected area in electrical infrastructure, not only it results in damaged cable at the end of the process, it ends with much higher man-power-hour loss.

After years of seeing tedious process of cable laying we have developed cable laying rollers, which not only makes cable laying of every sizes of cable easier however it needs much lesser man power during laying, this cable laying rollers are highly robust in built can be reused multiple times

Even in toughest of environment. These rollers are result of multiple inputs by many users who have years of experience with cable laying in addition to difficulty faced by them is included in design to make the process easier.

Cable laying rollers by us designed for cable sizes of 3Cx400sqmm upto 33kV, for single core cables, it can be used upto 1000sqmm of 66kV cable, these sizes covers complte spectrum of cables currently in practise.

Built out of heavy grade MS material with accurate sizes, you can reuse these rollers in multiple sites.

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