Mastering Hydraulic Crimping Tools

What is a Hydraulic Crimping Tool? Hydraulic Crimping Tools are essential workhorses in various industries, ensuring secure and reliable connections in electrical,  mechanical, and hydraulic applications. To harness their full potential, understanding their proper use and maintenance is crucial.  Essential Preparation: Die Selection: The first step lies in choosing the appropriate dies based on the […]

Raychem RPG’s range of Cable Management Solutions

Raychem RPG’s range of Cable Management Solutions 1. Connectors Raychem RPG manufactures R-Loc series cable lugs and connectors, which provides termination for a variety of power and grounding applications with innovation and reliability. These lugs and connectors are made of high strength, high conductivity electrolytic copper and aluminium alloy materials to provide optimum connectivity for […]

New Industrial Investment Of Rs 5500 Cr At Nellore

Andhra Pradesh seems to be attracting more industrial investments. It is known that Aditya Birla has started the Caustic Soda plant with an investment of Rs 2700 Cr at Bikkavolu in East Godavari district a couple of days ago. Now another industry with Rs 5500 Cr is setting up at Nellore. NALCO CMD Sridhar Patra […]

System Connectivity is Crucial to Functionality, Reliability, and Safety

In our advanced, connected, electronically oriented society, device-based solutions are penetrating more application spaces than ever. This expansion places hardware systems into extreme situations that they must be prepared to handle. Most think that exposing hardware to wet and dirty situations is all they have to worry about when it comes to harsh environments. While […]