Mennekes Plugs and Sockets

If you are looking for consultative purchasing for industrial plugs & sockets of superior quality, we are the right channel.

Serving the largest segment of buildings & factories, together with OEM segments our footprint and reach goes to all quality projects across. One of the largest warehouses in terms of SKUs coupled with our thorough knowledge of products and application of industrial plugs and sockets makes us one of the reliable partners for Mennekes range of products.

The MENNEKES brand stands for high-quality, reliable, safe and innovative solutions for the sectors of industrial plugs and sockets and electric mobility as well as for the automotive sector. Fair and long-term contractual partnerships, built on integrity and on an equal footing along with personalized services are essential business practices for MENNEKES.

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MENNEKES products are used in various application areas and have to withstand the toughest conditions. Particular enclosure materials ensure that our products meet our customers’ requirements at any time.

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