Raychem RPG’s range of Cable Management Solutions

Cable Management Solutions by Raychem

Raychem RPG’s range of Cable Management Solutions

1. Connectors

Raychem RPG manufactures R-Loc series cable lugs and connectors, which provides termination for a variety of power and grounding applications with innovation and reliability. These lugs and connectors are made of high strength, high conductivity electrolytic copper and aluminium alloy materials to provide optimum connectivity for power and grounding applications.

Our Offering

Our cable lugs and connectors meet the highest quality requirements and satisfy the required international standards.

  • We have an extensive range for low and medium-voltage applications
  • We offer distinct phase for easy conductor entry and burr-free edges
  • Our products provide with consistent precision, high safety and rating properties, thanks to high quality electrolytic copper that we use. 

Cable Glands

R-Loc Cable glands are designed for use with all types of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data telecommunications cables & fire rated Cables. They are used as a sealing and termination device to ensure that the characteristics of the enclosure which the cable enters can be maintained adequately.

A device designed to permit the entry of a cable, flexible cable or insulated conductor into an enclosure, and which provides sealing and retention. It also provides significant functions such as earthing, bonding, insulation, cable guarding, strain relief or a combination of these. They are mechanical fittings that form part of the electrical installation material. 

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