Mastering Hydraulic Crimping Tools

What is a Hydraulic Crimping Tool? Hydraulic Crimping Tools are essential workhorses in various industries, ensuring secure and reliable connections in electrical,  mechanical, and hydraulic applications. To harness their full potential, understanding their proper use and maintenance is crucial.  Essential Preparation: Die Selection: The first step lies in choosing the appropriate dies based on the […]


ARC FLASH SUIT Flame-resistant FR fabric with properties retained over life span
Lightweight fabric ranging from 6.5 to 9 oz/yard for user comfort
Unique design in various combinations for fatigue free operation
Stitching thread of garment made with FR rated thread
Various ATPV values garments from 8.4 upto 100 cal/cm2
Heat Attenuation factor (HAF) upto 80% ensures minimum exposure to flashes

Raychem Wedge Connectors-A Case Study

Southern Power Distribution Company Ltd (SPDCL) in State of Andhra Pradesh wanted to reduce AT & C losses in their electrical system. Major sources (80%) of technical losses in Power T&D systems are due to low quality of electrical contacts and installation failures. Energy losses attributable to connector degradation is assessed at 4 – 5% […]